°hiyeeeeee° (email)

Hi everybotty,

A quick few things:

  • Here is a lockdown cover of "When Will I See You Again" that Mesut and I recorded while we were apart.* 

  • Mesut released his EP last month! I really strongly urge you to pretty please go and have a LISTEN and if you have the means, consider supporting him by paying for it (especially this Friday/Saturday while bandcamp are waiving their fees). If you think it's not your kind of music, just give it a listen anyway. It's been 2 years of harrrrrd work and dedication to a creative craft, any bit of support is valued. 

I sarted playing keys in a band called GODMOTHER last year, and we travelled to Zürich a few weeks ago to play at a queer festival. The small crowd all wore masks, kept their physical distances, and had a beautifully merry and gay old time. I kept expecting the festival to be cancelled, but it wasn't. Watching Tami T <3 from a spot of abundant personal space with a clear view of the stage, without any sweaty backs in my face or fear of being trampled or spilled on was truly wonderful. I just wanted to let you know and share some hope for a possible recovery and vision of the future of live music, at least, maybe, in some places. Also travel? I dunno. I know it can be very difficult to happily and graciously hear news of other people who have had more freedom or fun. Just know that I tried to savour every moment. 

That's all. I hope you're all coping. If you're not, email someone. Connection or even just offloading and hitting send usually helps, right? It helps me!

Okay bye

*For those of you who remember the Hungry Jack's ads from the early 2000s that were narrated by the husky-voiced Samuel Johnson, head to my instagram for a trash video that I made to this song. Mesut doesn't really approve of it. Neither do I anymore.