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Five months after our Tour-liday, it's time for an update! 

We were lucky to get those shows in when we did, as travel and lockdown restrictions came in pretty soon afterwards. Thank you to everyone that made it out to a show (and thanks to mum for coming to all of them). My favourite was probably Canberra (ILY Canberra).

Mesut went back to Berlin the day after we played in Sydney, without too much trouble (depending on how you view being stranded for 12 hours at Brussels airport). I stayed in Melbourne much longer due to flight cancellations, lockdowns, and my own concerns about whether my travel to Berlin was necessary or responsible, considering I work from home already and had a place to stay. Of course, it was difficult being stuck somewhat in limbo, but I learnt to sew, helped to paint a house, and got to spend some quality time with my family and some peaceful months away from city life.

Reunited at last with Mesut and my regular "home" and routine, it now feels like time to share a couple of bits of musical news.

  • I was delighted to sing some harmonies for Ben Mason's now-recently-released album, Kanandah. Ben is a great friend and a prolific songwriter. We've worked together on a few different projects over the years and I'm so glad I could contribute vocals from over-the-seas for the track "Like At First Sight". You can hear the album here or here, and if you are so busy, the track I sing on is here. (Thanks to Mesut for recording the vocals)

  • Some news from Mesut's side! For anyone who doesn't know, Mesut Gürsoy is an incredibly skilled musician, who not only plays with me but also a bunch of others, and also has a solo side project, called MST. Over the past year or so he's been working tirelessly on his debut release for MST. The first single came out in June and I must urge you to check it out, here or here, but especially here for the video. If it's your jam, stay tuned for the next single "Tek Elli", which will be out on August 14, with a video premiere as well. And you know, like, follow, subscribe etc.

Aside from this more official stuff, Mesut and I have stayed connected while we were apart by mucking around with a couple of mini projects like writing songs for yet-to-be-born babies and dinosaur raps with my nephew. I'm slowly learning how to use Ableton, which has been extremely frustrating because it is entirely unintuitive. We've almost finished a fun cover too which I'll send you soon. I still plan to record some proper new "Madeleine Duke" music, but you'll hear about that when it happens. Thank you ever so much, Madeleine Duke

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