°tour° and °single release° (email)

Hello there, You're receiving this email either because you once purchased something from my bandcamp page, because you told me you'd like to hear from me, or because I've made the assumption you're okay with me emailing you about my music. *Tell me if you want to be removed from this list or if you'd rather I use a different email address!* I'm writing to let you know that after a bit of a break, a move to Berlin — and a block, to be honest — I'm releasing a single and going on a mini tour in Australia!  TLDR: See image attached I'm releasing Horse of Whittled Wood, which you may have seen me perform before. I recorded this track with Claire Deak and Tony Dupe in Korumburra, VIC, at the same location as my 2015 EP. It is an allegorical track that, to me, pokes at the relationship between idol and fan, sympathising with each, while at the same time condemning both. Also the struggle with creative output, and how we can sometimes treat the people who support us like crap, especially if we don't like ourselves. Whatever else you think it means, you might be right. I probably didn't need to spell it out for you.  This very-much-folk release marks a farewell to my straight-up folk beginnings, as I'm taking my sound in a slightly new direction (more on that later).  Horse of Whittled Wood will be released on February 29 - the leap day - and launched with shows in MelbourneCanberraThirroul and Sydney. Come along and invite your friends! Joining me on the tour will be drummer and electronic artist Mesut Gürsoy, who is, basically, my band. Together we are working on that "new sound" (ie. less folk and more drums), which you will hear at the shows as well. And barring any blocks (road or creative) I hope to have another release for you later in the year. Exciting! You'll be able to hear the track in all the usual places. It'd be great if you could go ahead and follow me on Spotify, if you use it. That way it should also appear in your release radar when it comes out. Those tour dates are: Sat 29 Feb - The Old Bar (Fitzroy) - 2PM  Thurs 5 March - The Basement (Canberra) - 7PM (tickets) Sat 7 March - Franks Wild Years (Thirroul) - 3PM  Sun 8 March - Petersham Bowling Club (Sydney)  - 7PM  Please share this information with any friends or family you think might like the music, or might like to come along to the shows! Especially Canberrans and Sydneysiders! Thanks and take care, Madeleine Duke